FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Supporting Research

Research has concluded that the Five for Life Program® is effective in teaching students about the importance of health and fitness.  Justin Haegele and Xihe Zhu, professors in the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Old Dominion University in Virginia have conducted numerous research studies on the Five for Life Program®.  Their published articles from Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport and their poster presentations from SHAPE National Conventions are listed below.

Major findings from their research include:

  • This analysis provides preliminary support for the effectiveness of the Five for Life Program® curriculum for improving health related fitness knowledge among high school-aged students.
  • High school students using Five for Life Program®: Advanced significantly increased their health related fitness knowledge from 9th to 11th.
  • The result is evident that Middle School students on average were able to achieve 17.06% growth rate a year in knowledge when the Five for Life Program® curriculum was implemented.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Performance in Middle School Years: Changes and Correlates

     SHAPE18 Poster

     RQES 2018 Convention Supplement

Using Five for Life Program® to Promote Health-Related Fitness Knowledge: Elementary-Analysis

     Elementary Level Poster

     RQES 2018 Convention Supplement

Improving Fitness Knowledge with Five for Life Program®

     Presentation Slides from 2017 SHAPE National Convention

     RQES 2017 Convention Supplement

Promoting Adolescent Health-Related Fitness Knowledge Using Five for Life Program® Curriculum

     RQES 2017 Convention Supplement

     SHAPE17 Poster