After School

The FAB 5® After School Program uses coordinated lessons which include activities that were written to provide students with the knowledge they need to build foundational fitness and health skills for a lifetime. These enjoyable lessons are in a user-friendly format for teachers and activity leaders.

Trainings are active and based on the written curriculum that integrates academic content with a multitude of subjects: fitness, health, nutrition, motor skills, reading, writing, math and creative arts.

A FAB 5® After School Program Training is intended to do three things:

  • Assist teachers and activity leaders on how to integrate content-rich activities into their programs
  • Provide hands-on activities that are academic content based and aligned with SHAPE and State Standards
  • Incorporate the following practices into the training:
    • Management and Motivation
    • Teaching Strategies
    • Putting it All Together – resources, attendance, equipment

Trainings can be provided on-site or virtual.

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