FAB 5® Curriculum and eCurriculum

The FAB 5® Programs offer classroom teachers and activity leaders the curriculum and programs they need to keep kids moving and learning. These programs are aligned with the Five for Life Physical Education Program so kids are hearing consistent messages about physical activity and nutrition in a variety of settings.

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  • After School Program – A fun and motivating activity-based curriculum to teach fundamental nutrition, fitness and health concepts using a lesson plan format.
  • Physical Activity Program– Designed for classroom teachers who teach physical education and want to introduce essential nutrition, fitness and health concepts in activity-based lessons.
  • Early Learner Fitness – Guides classroom and physical education teachers in providing lessons to reinforce reading, writing and math skills during fun activities that allow students to practice motor skills. Each lesson guides teachers to deliver fitness and nutrition content during movement activities.
  • Classroom Activity Breaks – Videos designed with 4-7 minute segments to help classroom teachers integrate physical activity into their students’ day. Activity breaks help students prepare for learning and increase retention.
  • Fast Fitness – This dynamic compilation of classroom brain and body boots is designed to increase cognitive performance, concentration and fitness. The FAB 5® bring the 99 exercises to life in a fun and appealing way.
  • Physical Education Activity-based Character Education (PEACE) – Enables classroom, physical education teachers and counselors to teach social and emotional concepts through movement-based lessons.