FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Physical Education Curriculum

The FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® is an articulated, evidence-based, K-12 fitness and health curriculum that aligns with SHAPE America National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Using age-appropriate academic instructional units in an activity-based setting, the FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® moves students through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time for students. The Basic (Elementary), Intermediate (Middle School) and Advanced (High School) include Student Introductions, Vocabulary Lists, Activities with Formative Assessments and Summative Unit Assessments.


WELNET® Software

WELNET® is designed to provide physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and communicate results. WELNET® modules offer a variety of tracking and assessment tools, including measuring the five components of fitness, checking students' understanding of fitness and health concepts, tracking students' health-related habits and behaviors, supporting student goal setting and producing reports in each module to analyze trends, improve instruction and achieve program goals and outcomes.

FAB 5® Programs

FAB 5® Programs are written by classroom, health and physical education specialists who deliberately created a fun and motivating curriculum that delivers essential content. FAB 5® programs are ideal for increasing student activity levels and learning content. These programs and easy to follow lessons were developed with classroom teachers and activity leaders in mind.

Workshops & Training

Focused Fitness offers training in all of our curriculum and software. Collectively, our trainers have trained over 600 school districts around the country. In addition, they have actively participated in the development of the Five for Life and Fab 5 Curriculum.
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