WELNET® Brain and Body Boosts

The WELNET® Brain and Body Boosts module is a collection of videos to allow children the movement breaks they need to increase cognitive performance, concentration and fitness. These high-quality educational videos and teaching resources provide an engaging and dynamic learning environment for all students.

The WELNET® Brain and Body Boosts is designed to assist in the delivery of classroom activity breaks through the following categories of videos:

  • FAB 5® Classroom Activity Breaks: Boost Your Brain Moves
    • Activity Break videos to provide academic fitness and health content, intentional fitness development and opportunities for basic motor skill movements. This program is designed to be used in a classroom setting with minimal guidance. Activity break videos are four to six minutes
  • FAB 5® Classroom Activity Breaks: From Moving To Learning
    • Brain-activating movements, rhythms, aerobic and muscular strengthening exercises stimulate and prepare students to transition to their next classroom lesson.  Each of the four 5 to 7 minute videos is designed to help classroom teachers weave more planned activity into their students’ day.
  • Fast Fitness
    • FAB 5® Fast Fitness is a compilation of over 100 shorter classroom activity breaks designed to increase cognitive performance, concentration and fitness. Each video is from 1-2 minutes and can be combined with other videos for a longer break.
  • Themed Boosts
    • Family and Classroom Activity Breaks built around themes including holidays, seasons and various characters.

Within the Brain and Body Boosts, teachers can play videos individually or create playlists. The playlists are customizable so teachers can design the length, order and transitions of videos to meet their instructional needs. The WELNET® Brain and Body Boosts will continue to be updated with new offerings and current subscribers will have access to all updates and enhancements.

Whether creating a routine for students to follow or engaging students in content through on-screen visual aids and explanations, the WELNET® Brain and Body Boosts embraces multiple learning styles. This innovative resource will immediately enrich classrooms and prepare students for learning.


Brain and Body Boosts

Brain and Body Boosts Videos one-year license per School. With this license, you will receive access to the FAB 5® Fast Fitness, From Moving To Learning, and Boost Your Brain Moves Videos. There are over 115 that can be used to increase movement in the classroom with no equipment. Yearly Renewals for $25.

Item # 1040606-PS