WELNET® Video Library

The WELNET® Video Library provides teachers with the ability to weave technology into a Physical Education Program.  The videos can be utilized in a variety of ways including delivering essential concepts in fitness and health to students, showing students proper technique, and creating customized exercise routines. Most importantly, these fun and engaging videos allow students to understand concepts at a deeper level and master state standards.

Program Features

The WELNET® Video Library includes many key features that make it easy to use no matter the setup or environment.  Videos can be shown on a computer screen or tablet to a small group of students or projected on a screen or wall to a whole class. The Video Library: 

  • Includes the ability to create personalized playlists
  • Is available on all devices from laptops to tablets to phones
  • Has real-time streaming capabilities
  • Includes videos in key health and fitness topics:
    • Five Components of Fitness
    • FITT Principle
    • Training Principles
    • SMART Goals
    • Nutrition
    • Motor Skill Demonstrations
  • Includes over 500 videos of individual exercises searchable by:
    • Type of Equipment
    • Muscles and Muscle Groups Used
    • Component of Fitness
    • Sports Category
    • Difficulty Level
    • Type of Equipment

Start using the Video Library today to improve instruction with easy to use and engaging technology.

Initial cost is based on number of logins with yearly renewals at $50. Please call 509-327-3181 for more information or contact us today.


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