FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Physical Education

The FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® is an articulated, evidence-based, K-12 curriculum aligned with SHAPE America National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Our curriculum provides a resource for Physical Education teachers to deliver a comprehensive program that includes fitness, nutrition and health academic content, intentionial fitness and motor skill development.  By using age-appropriate academic instructional units in an activity-based setting, the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced curriculums move students through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time. 

FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®: Basic PE Curriculum (Elementary)

Deliver fitness and health concepts through fun, engaging and meaningful activities. Students will exit with a firm understanding of the Five Components of Fitness and their connection to overall health.

FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®: Intermediate PE Curriculum (Middle School)

Unveil the FITT Principle, systems of the body, fitness related activities and behavior logs. Students are taught how to apply the FITT Principle to the Five Components of Fitness and to their personal lives.

FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®: Advanced PE Curriculum (High School)

Introduce training principles and utilizes behavior logs which allow students to research how personal habits affect health, performance and appearance. Students apply knowledge of the Five Components of Fitness and training principles to design a fitness plan based on individual goals.

FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Detailed Information

  • Provides deep alignment between curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Incorporates articulated vocabulary that is tied to content, which reinforces the understanding of the key concepts throughout the program
  • Includes measurement tools that allow students to assess their fitness and gauge improvements through the use of periodic self-evaluation including a baseline measurement, goal setting, trials, and post measurement phases
  • Establishes a fitness and health profile using fitness performance measurements and behavior inventories to individualize the program so students can track their progress from year-to-year
  • Builds an awareness of the lifestyle choices students make regarding nutrition and physical activity