FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®: Nutrition Curriculum

The FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Nutrition Curriculum materials are designed to teach students important nutrition concepts through fun activities and teaching materials that engage students in learning while moving. Nutrition plays a key role in the growth and development of children. Children are bombarded with food advertisements everywhere they go. Understanding sound nutritional information is vital in making healthy choices at school, home and in the community. While the Nutrition Curriculum materials are aligned with FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM® Physical Education Curriculum, they can also be used independently. The activities in the handbooks provide a progression of content appropriate for all students in grades K-12.

Nutrition Kit

The activities and resources within the Nutrition Kit allow teachers to deliver important nutritional concepts such as: MyPlate, food groups, recommended daily amounts, balanced diet, energy content of foods, the role of vitamins and minerals and weight management. The kit includes 144 Nutrition Cards, 1 InfoCube, 40 InfoCube Cards and the Nutrition Activity Handbook. 

Fishin’ for Nutrition Kit

Fishin' for Nutrition is a comprehensive nutrition program with movement-based activities to teach nutrition concepts such as: how to make sensible food choices, read food labels and the energy content of foods. Each activity uses specially designed fishin' poles to improve small motor movements. The kit includes 288 Food Cards, 10 Fishin' Poles, 1 InfoCube, 40 InfoCube Cards, 144 Nutrition Cards and the Fishin' for Nutrition Handbook containing pages of nutrition information that provides detailed nutrition information in an easy to read format.

InfoCube, InfoCube Cards and Nutrition Cards

These materials are hands-on tools for students to learn nutrition concepts such as: how to categorize food, food label literacy and recommended daily amounts.  They are used with the Nutrition Kit and Fishin’ for Nutrition Kit or purchased separately to use in teacher-created games and activities.